What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a unique story, yet many lack the words to sell it.

Start 2018 with the right message to your customers. What’s your story and what are you selling?

How many dozens, or hundreds, of competitors do you have? People are always stumped when I ask: “Why are you so great?” But when they think about it, their answers are heartfelt. They have a story. People do what they do for a reason.

Truth brings you customers, and if you follow through with great service you’ll keep them.

What do you want potential customers to know about your business? What message are you selling? What does your website say about you?

In his book, When it’s Right to be Wrong, celebrity ad-man Russel Howcroft says: “Get yourself a writer. In the commercial world, nothing matters more than having a good writer in your armoury … Good writing cuts through, and leaves a lasting impression.”

Tell me your story and I’ll make it cut through.

Less tech, more truth. Less yawn, more wow. Less thesis, more punch.

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